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Okay, it's visual free association time....

post the first thing that comes to mind. Don't think, just post something that this reminds you of.
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an art classroom... like a classroom that is meant for an arts and crafts class thats what this reminds me of.
i am not quite sure why, but that seems to be the case.
meeting someones parents or some other forced social meeting, feeling uncomfortable, american cuisine, tap water, tension, the check, being good, dissolving, loss of self, using the ladies room, anniversary, dead animals, boring people, lack of definition and choice, is my skirt in my pantyhose?
A trailer from the Final Fantasy movie, in which the shot pans across an abandoned office building in monochrome blue and black.
I know, a restaurant...but for me the mood was: spirits, priests, light and dark, good and evil, a breeze brushing aside curtains like the world brushes aside innocence...and strangely, this came to mind:

photo by Kitty de Preeuw
International Teletines, winning entry in the Photon 94 Photo Contest, Jan 1995.

from here:
Photon 94 Photo Contest
A bit about Kitty who is a male photographer - he talks about the photo above and I thought you might find it interesting Catalyst.

And so I'm sittin' here, and it's gotta be what, ten in the morning? Shit, I don't know anymore. I don't care either.

So I'm sittin' here, workin' on my third cup of coffee, and my, what, fourth donut? This stuff's gonna kill me one day. Either that, or it's gonna be some friends of the .45 stuck in my belt, or these damn cigs.

I dunno, one way or another, we're gonna die sometime.

And while i'm, sittin' here, starin' off down at the boulevard, I get to thinkin'. And I start wonderin'. About life and death and where my next job's gonna be comin' from.

Luckly, as I watch the dame walk in, I don't have to wonder too hard.

Dames are trouble. 'Pecially the red headed ones. The red heads with money are the worst.

Just my luck. She's got an envelope. Not just any old envelope. A manilla one.

The kind you stick photograph's of people you don't like in there.

People you want people like me to get rid of.

I know I'm in for it when she sits down across from me...

Yeah, it's gonna be one of those days. I order another cup of coffee. It's gonna be a long one.


van gogh painting. cafe and street.
"The scary thing is: I was using color film. And it occured to me, looking over those once-popular but long-empty chairs and tables, that everything in the entire world was in shades of fading gray."
I came across this journal and this image struck me.... to me it feels like an american cafe in the 40's or maybe 50's, a time when things were simpler,I think friendly waitress and locals coming in... also thinking of guys dressed in military gear making an order... and there is just a simpler feel about this image... this is a time of struggle but at the same time everything is simple... before what we have in front of us...
Murder. Like those murder mystery dinners. People gather to eat dinner, and someone is "murdered." And the guests have to guess who did it...